The Research and Development (R&D) Department mainly aims at the development and quality differentiation of Domissima’s chemical and building materials’ production, as well as the strengthening of its leading position in the field.

The department is supported by a trained and experienced staff, that constantly designes and develops products that meet the strict requirements of the international market, while at the same time the products remain innovative. Great experience and the knowhow that come from the long presence of the company and from the collaboration with well – known and leading international companies play an integral part in the above.

Moreover, constantly investing on Research and Development (R&D), Domissima developed two fully equipped laboratories. This assures quality at every step of the research and development of products. Laboratories are equipped with modern and precise instruments while the company constantly adopts new, innovative technology.

Finally, people are the most significant force in the development of the company. Therefore, Domissima constantly informs, trains and specializes not only its staff but also its partners on new technology in the field.

Evaluating all procedures is essential in successful Research and Development (R&D) and in the quality of the products. Thus, the company seeks the   certification of all the above by international organizations. Indicatively quality is assured by the Quality System – ISO 9001:2008 by QMSCERT.

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