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Ceramic Tile

– Clean the application surface and remove any grease, oils, formwork rests, loose pieces, etc. (pic 1 & 2).
– Clean any concrete cavities from loose gravel.
– Cut any iron reinforcement pieces that protrude in a depth of at least 3 cm.
Wet well all the above spots and cover with DOMOREPAIR R3 repair mortar.
– At the place where the vertical walls meet the bottom of the pool, create a leveling gully using mortar fortified with DOMORESIN SP high strength bonding latex.

Next, waterproof the pool using the flexible two component waterproofing mortar DOMOLASTIC W. Mixing ratio of Α(liquid):Β(powder) is 1:2,6 b.w. Empty Component B (powder) into Component A(liquid) and stir with a low power agitator until the blend is completely homogeneous. Apply by brush in 2-3 layers crosswise.

1. Apply reinforcement where the vertical wall meets the bottom of the pool.
2.In case of uneven substrate, level the surface using a cement mortar consisting of water-sand-cement and DOMORESIN SP bonding latex.

– Wet the application surface immediately before the application, without creating puddles.
– Prepare the adhesive tile mortar by adding the DOMOTILE C2 powder in a pail with 6-7 Lt of water and stirring constantly with a low power agitator until the blend is completely homogeneous without any lumps. Leave the mix to set for 10 min and then stir again.
– Spread the ready mix on the surface using a notched spatula. Place the tiles on the combed surface using the appropriate separators.
– Use epoxy joint putty for the pool tile joints.

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1. Apply the tiles on the combed surface within the adhesive mortar open time, before the material develops a surface film.
2. Do not apply the adhesive mortar at temperatures below 50C and above 300

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