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Waterproofing Mortars

A prerequisite to the application of waterproofing is to create a drainage layer beneath the foundation (nonwoven geotextile 100% polypropylene fibers by weight 200gr / m2, DREFON S200 type and gravel layer 40cm).

– Good cleaning of the surface and of the walls of any formwork oil, loose objects etc. with water jet.
– Cleaning of any existing cavities in concrete surface, wetted and puttied with DOMOREPAIR R4 mortar repair or cement reinforced construction resin DOMORESIN SP.
– Forks and Morelos are cut at a depth of about 2 – 3 cm and after being socked; they get repaired with the mortar repair DOMOREPAIR R4 or with cement reinforced construction resin DOMORESIN SP.
– Construction joints stopping the concreting are opened longitudinally in a V form, at a depth of 2 – 3 cm, and after wetting, they are sealed with the mortar repair DOMOREPAIR R4 or with cement reinforced construction resin DOMORESIN SP.
– To compound the substrate to the vertical elements (e.g. parapet, stairwell, etc.), a smoothing gully is made with the mortar repair DOMOREPAIR R2 or with cement reinforced by the construction resin DOMORESIN SP. When time limits are limited, the smoothing gully can be made with the quick setting mortar repair DOMOREPAIR R3.

– Good wetting of the entire surface (walls and sides), without forming puddles.
– Place the required amount of water in a container and add DOMOSLURRY mortar (mixing ratio of water: DOMOSLURRY = 1:3,2 wt). Then, mix with mixer at low speed until reaching a homogeneous mixture without lumps. Leave the mixture for 5 – 10 minutes and then stir again 1 – 2 minutes before applying.
– On a liquid surface (prior wetting was done), we apply the first DOMOSLURRY.
– Once the material is dried, follows another DOMOSLURRY The second layer is done after the previous one has dried. The waterproofing zone of the external walls should be raised at least 50cm above the ground level.
– After completion of the DOMOSLURRY sealing slurry layers and before the earth filling, a draining pipe is placed, ensuring both the protection of the waterproofing during earth backfill, and the drainage of the water to the bottom layer of gravel. It is recommended that the earth filling should be done step by step.

DOMOSLURRY CONSUMPTION: 1,4 – 1,6kg / m2 / mm per layer

– Temperature during application should be between +5°C and +30°C.
– The freshly coated surface should be protected from high temperatures, frost and rain.
– The thickness of each DOMOSLURRY layer should not exceed 1mm, in order to avoid cracking.
– The use of reinforcement (polyester cloth or fiberglass mesh) is recommended for corners and recesses.
– If you are at the proximity of the sea, the creation of watertight basin with synthetic PVC membrane is recommended.
– If you have a high horizontal water table, we recommend the waterproofing of the underground walls with DOMOLASTIC.

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