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Adhesive Bituminous Membrane

– The surface of the underground walls should be sound, clean and free of loose pieces. Cut any wood formwork rests 3 cm deep and repair them with DOMOREPAIR R3 repair mortar. Same with any holes or cavities of the concrete substrate. Open the construction joints 3 cm deep in a V-shape and fill them with DOMOREPAIR R3 repair mortar. Where the vertical wall meets the floor, create a leveling joint using DOMOREPAIR R4 repair mortar or a cement mortar reinforced with the high strength bonding latex DOMORESIN SP.

– Apply the AQUADERE STICK elastomeric bituminous water based as a primer (drying time: 30-60 min, consumption 250gr/m²) by roll or brush. Alternatively you may apply also the ELASTOCOL 600 solvent based bituminous varnish (drying time: 4-8 h, consumption 250-800gr/m²).


– Apply the COLPHENE 1500 self adhesive antiroot membrane after the primer has dried. Apply by removing the silicone strip on the down side of the membrane and overlapping the rolls vertically by 15cm.
– Raise the membrane 15 cm above ground and apply down to the foundation beams. Prior to that, reinforce the joints of the walls with the beams with a 33 cm wide corner reinforcement strip from the same membrane.
– Seal the upper side of the membranes with ALSAN FLASHING bituminous


– Place PROTECDRAIN drainage panels to protect the waterproofing layer from the oncoming soil filling and also in order to act as drainage layer. PROTECTDRAIN panels are fixed mechanically above the sealing point of the waterproofing with a metal fixing profile. It is recommended to fill the soil gradually in order to minimize the stress on the waterproofing system.


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