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est. 1971

DOMISSIMA specializes in the production of high quality chemical building materials, as well as waterproofing and building protection products, offering specialized technical solutions and having a long-term experience in large infrastructure projects.

1971 - Domissima’s course begins in Thessaloniki by Christos Nanopoulos, aiming to offer specialized solutions, know – how and products for waterproofing and building protection applications.

1978 - Domissima is the first company in Greece to introduce injectable epoxy resins and special mortars in damaged buildings, during the aftermath of the earthquake of Thessaloniki.

1980 - Domissima is the exclusive distributor of the Swiss company MEYNADIER (now owned by BASF) in Greece, working both in the waterproofing as well as in building protection products’ sector.

1990 - Domissima develops an independent production department for chemical building materials utilizing its yearlong experience and the continuing collaboration with one of the leading chemists of the branch, Mr Robert Serena, a cooperation that is still active.

2000 - Domissima expands in the field of civil engineer projects, waterproofing series of tunnels, bridges, reservoirs, canals, building of industrial roofs, etc.. It was during that time that many of the new generation products for protection building were developed, specially designed to meet specific demands of each project.

2013 up until today - Having applied more than 15.000.000 m², Domissima now invests in human resources and cutting edge research and development. Our company focuses in developing innovative products and a distribution network expanding beyond Greece and southeast Europe. This development in combination with a yearlong experience in major projects, establishes Domissima as a leader and strategic partner for companies and professionals of the field.