Domoart Deco Primer

Transparent hybrid polyurethane water-based primer

Domoart Deco Primer is a primer based on aliphatic polyurethane resins suitable for protection of interior and exterior surfaces, with great resistance to UV radiation and to pollutants. In microcement coatings it offers protection without changing the color.

Product description

Manufacturer: Domissima

Package: Container - 20 kg, 5 kg, 1 kg


  • 40-50 g/m2 per layer depending on the nature of the substrate

Product Advantages

  • Waterproof
  • Does not hold dust
  • Eco-friendly

Fields of application

  • Microcement coatings, as a primer between its layers and before the varnish
  • All building materials (plaster, concrete, brick, stone, wood, tile, plasterboard, etc.)

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