Domoshield Primer

Special acrylic primer

DOMOSHIELD PRIMER is an eco-friendly, acrylic, water-based primer suitable for thermal insulation systems. It prepares the porous surface of the thermal-insulation adhesive for the application of the pasty plaster.

Product description

Manufacturer: Domissima

Package: Pail - 10 kg, 3 kg


  • 100-200 g/m2 depending on the nature of the substrate

Product Advantages

  • Stabilizes the substrate’s surface
  • Improves the adhesion
  • Waterproofs the substrate
  • Eco-friendly, solvent-free
  • Easy to use
  • Dries quickly
  • Water-vapor permeable

Fields of application

  • Any porous surfaces, external and internal, which stabilization of the substrate and adhesion improvement is required
  • Surfaces on which thermal-insulation adhesive DOMOSHIELD has been applied and are to be covered with the pasty plaster DOMOSHIELD WALLFIX
  • Surfaces which waterproofing coatings or special colors are to be applied

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Product certification

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