Domoreflect 122 Max

High performance waterproofing membrane

DOMOREFLECT 122 MAX is a roof coating membrane based on a combination of solvent free aliphatic polyurethane and new generation nanomolecular hybrid resins. It stands out for its short drying time, enabling thus the applied surface to remain completely unaffected by upcoming rain and stagnant water, as well as its maximum dry film thickness.  It creates a single membrane of exceptional whiteness which maintains its elasticity even in high temperature changes ensuring high resistance to ageing.

Product description

Manufacturer: Domissima

Package: Pail - 15kg , 5kg


  • 150-250 gr/m2 as 1st layer diluted 10% by weight with water
  • 1,3-1,5 kgr/m2 for 2 layers
  • 1,7-2,0 kgr/m2 for 2-3 layers with reinforcement

Available colors

Available in white. Other colors available upon request.

Product Advantages

  • Fast drying & walkability (250 m2 terrace waterproofing with primer application and 2 layers of DOMOREFLECT 122 Max, can be completed in one day, even with relative environmental humidity up to 80%)
  • Resistant to rain and stagnant water
  • High dry film thickness
  • Finished surface remains tack free, so it does not collect dirt and dust
  • High whiteness & excellent reflectivity of solar radiation
  • Resistance to ageing
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Water vapor permeability
  • Crack bridging with or without the use of polyester reinforcement (geotextile)
  • Solvent-free, user friendly and environmentally friendly

Fields of application

  • Flat or inclined roofs
  • Parapets
  • Gutters, gypsum boards, etc

Drying times

# Terrace - Room
Ambient temperature28-30 C16-18 C10-12 C
Ambient humidity40%80%60%
Primer **5 minutes15 minutes20 minutes
1st layer20 minutes*1h & 30 minutes*1h & 30 minutes*
2nd layer20 minutes*2h & 15 minutes*1h & 30 minutes*
Total time ***25 minutes1h & 45 minutes1h & 50 minutes

*Unaffected by rain

** Domoreflect 122 Max diluted with water by 10% m.m.

*** Total waiting time before applying the last layer on a roof-roof


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Product certification

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Watch the product application video

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